Yesterday Bar

The site for Yesterday - Die Bar provides a full experience for users to explore images and details of the drinks available at the bar.

'Yesterday – die Bar' offers exclusive spirituous beverages and extraordinary drinks like smoking cocktails or ice balls. To underline the ambience of the location and the singularity of the bar, the web site has to reflect the style and give the visitors a good feeling.

Not only an insight into the variety of spirits was important, but also the presentation of the location and the service for the guests. Using Plone 5, the necessary flexibility was given to integrate different block elements that allow pictures and textual descriptions. Visitors can only enjoy the images and scroll into the location. If they are interested in information and stories about Oliver Kloiber and his bar, they can also read into detail that is overlaid on the pictures on mouse over.

The images that allow a walk through the bar with information on spirituous beverages are big and therefore load slowly, especially when the internet connection of the visitor is insufficient. To enable a complete style anyhow, images without the ability to zoom in and walk through are pre-loaded and shown, until the whole experience is fully available.

The block elements were realized with the Mosaic add-on and helped to style the single block elements.

From the day the new web site was online, we prompt got positive feedback from our guests and could recognise the increase of guests that come to our bar the first time. They appreciated the insight into the bar and were animated to come for a drink. That was what we expected from our new web site and we are really glad to have it realised with Plone, where it is easy for us to add new information and news


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