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Washington Nonprofits is a collaborative network of nonprofits serving Washington State communities through advocacy, education and capacity building.


Embed a 3rd party dynamic navigation directory from one site in another, independent site

501 Commons is a nonprofit charitable organization. 501 Commons' mission is to boost the capacity of nonprofit organizations by providing support programs and services through its Plone website. One of the most valuable resources offered is a directory of consultants and other nonprofit specialists in the state. The solution takes advantage of an integration with a 3rd party platform and offers more than just site search and a list of names.

Salesforce, a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) generates the content for the directory. Plone queries it and loads the filters and search results when users interact with the directory.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, Washington Nonprofits wanted to share the popular resource by embedding it in their new site. By partnering with the team at 501 Commons this wish became a reality. Success of the project hinged on the team's ability to:

  1. Integrate seamlessly with the Washington Nonprofits new design
  2. Let 501 Commons keep control over the directory


Diazo, Plone's theme builder

With Diazo you can:

  1. Create new themes
  2. Redesign user interfaces (UI)
  3. Build unified user experiences (UX)

Diazo can be used across independent platforms without needing to access the original code.

Using the power of Diazo, the directory from 501 Commons was mapped into Washington Nonprofits' new site. The entire feature set was available, including all dynamic and interactive behaviors. The directory looks and functions the same as—but is not a copy of—the directory on 501 Commons. As required, the source code was left untouched and 501 Commons retains control of the source code and content.

The result, a unified user experience between Washington Nonprofits and 501 Commons.

Today, Washington Nonprofits benefits from a rich and sophisticated directory without the expense of creating and maintaining a unique product. 501 Commons is reaching new audiences through visitors to the Washington Nonprofits site. And, more groups have access to consultants and other nonprofit specialists in Washington State.

With Plone it’s never a situation of one-or-the-other. Whether you want to leverage partner resources (like a directory) or integrate in-house services (like a CRM), Plone can do it.

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