The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority

Transform a website to transform a city

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) is a Western Australian Government agency responsible for the creation of places in Perth that are authentic, vibrant, and engaging for all.

Through urban renewal, the MRA promotes the formation of communities that are culturally diverse, economically sustainable, and create a strong sense of place.


Develop a vibrant and functional website experience that celebrates and facilitates an evolving Perth.

During 2013, the MRA identified that digital communication and technology would need to form a crucial role in their strategy and assist them to lead the transformation of metropolitan Perth.

Part of our brief was to develop a website that not only met these high-level requirements, but is also:

  • Accessible to all, regardless of device, connection speed, location or ability.
  • A home base for all content relating to MRA projects and places.
  • Representative of key stakeholder interests.
  • Flexible to the content needs of a dynamic and constantly changing online environment.


A highly flexible CMS

We built the site on Plone, integrating some pre-release components and enhancements to make it even easier to navigate and use. And to give the MRA team the flexibility they wanted, we developed a suite of 11 modules that can be mixed and matched across three page templates to provide endless options. Literally every page can look different than the last.

The CMS also provides granular control, meaning workflow and permissions can be customised for every user and each piece of content.

Timelines of past, present and future activity

Integrating project timelines was an important feature uncovered during our stakeholder research as many users expressed an interest in understanding what progress had already been made, what's happening behind the hoarding at that point in time and what's yet to come.

All the things to See & Do

The See & Do section showcases all the things happening in MRA places. Users can filter this by place, type (events, attractions, exhibitions, shopping, etc.), and custom date range to find what they're looking for.

Experience the power of Plone—upgrade today!

"Innovation. Renewal. Vibrancy. Leadership. All of the buzz words we use to describe our business didn't seem to match the look and feel of our website. Now we are proud to share with you a website we feel does our work in Perth justice, and shares with the community all of the things that are wonderful about our projects." –from an MRA internal memo


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  • Flexible workflows
  • Search capabilities
  • Third party integration

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