Quaive Social Intranet for the Synodal Council in Zurich

Quaive, a Plone-powered intranet platform, is pivotal in supporting the digital transition for the Catholic church in Zürich.

How has the solution helped?

The initial drive for a social intranet came from externally facing digital projects: activities on Facebook, Twitter and starting a blog. With all these channels to the outside, it became clear that the Church would be moving at the speed of the web.

Without practicing internally what you're trying to do externally, you won't have any chance of reacting at the same speed. It's only a matter of time, until organisations will need to adopt new internal practices.

This shift aligns with a deeper transition from a very closed organization, to a much more open organization. From a church that waits for people to come, to a church that actively reaches out. A social intranet brings people together, to discover and address issues raised by the transition.

What were the challenges or pain points?

The Catholic Church of the Canton of Zürich is the largest church organization in Switzerland. 

The Catholic Church of the Canton of Zürich is the largest church organization in Switzerland.

The organization is divided into a traditional church arm, and an NGO arm which is tax funded and governed by public law. There needs to be strict separation between the two, to ensure that money earmarked for social purposes, is not spent on pure Catholic purposes. The need for clear differentiation between the two arms adds additional layers of complexity to the management of the organization.

Case Study in German

"The user experience has really exceeded our expectations. There are many things that are done really well. The overall impression is very good."

Stephan Schillerwein, Schillerwein Consulting


  • Non-profit or non-governmental organization
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  • People Directory
  • Complex Workflow
  • Search Capabilities
  • Third-party Integration
  • Intranet
  • Multi-site Management
  • Third-party Authentication
  • Library
  • Social Activity Stream
  • Workspaces
  • Case Management
  • Task Management
  • News Section
  • Taxonomy Browser
  • Chat
  • Audit Feature


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