Denso Auto

A global solution for parts management.

DENSO Auto is a global supplier of automotive technology systems and components. Many car manufacturers around the world install DENSO products, for example climate control systems. Whenever a part of such a product is scheduled to be altered, all manufacturers using this part need to be informed of the intended change and queried for their approval.


DENSO wanted a system that supported all aspects of change cycle. As a global company, employees were concerned with change management of automotive parts that are spread over several locations. They needed a globally accessible intranet solution rather than a locally installed database application.


Flexible workflows and intranet integration with MySQL database

The solution was an intranet based system for change management and revision control of automobile parts and a MySQL database. A customer tailored interface was developed to meet the demands for fine grained input as well as broad overview. The system holds data of all parts in their various states and their relation to the affected customers. For every change introduced, a separate item is created that holds all details and can also include Word and PDF documents. Individual changes can be grouped to larger-scale change incidents that reflect all changes for a given date.

With Plone's object database in combination with a relational database, the benefits of both worlds can be combined. The system is accessible and editable by browser and complex queries are computed efficiently and rapidly. The overall time for administrating changes was significantly reduced. Because feasibility checks inform data handling staff immediately of potential conflicts, data consistency has improve greatly.

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