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Plone at PyCon 2019

Plone will be at PyCon 2019!

Drop by and see us at PyCon 2019 in Cleveland! We will be at booth 554, in the non-profits section, on Thursday, May 2 (for the opening evening reception, 5:30-7:30pm), and on Friday and Saturday.

Booth Activities and Schwag

Sally and Witek at the Plone PyCon booth

Stop by our booth, find out what we've been up to with new Plone developments, or just come say hello!

To highlight our confidence in Plone's security, we thought you might want to try your hand at lock picking. We will have many types of locks and tool sets for you to play with. 

a padlock being picked

Security goes hand in hand with Plone, the most secure web content management system, so while you may be able to break into one or more of these locks, we know you won't be able to break into Plone!

What is Plone?

Plone is a mature, open source web content management solution that provides all the features you need to create and maintain a website. Particularly suited to managing large amounts of content, with multiple editors and varying levels of access permissions, Plone includes workflow, fine-grained security, theming, and a friendly yet powerful user interface. See more about Plone...

Why Plone?

Plone has the best security track record of any content management system, with no zero-day vulnerabilities ever. 

Plone's active, worldwide contributor community continues to add features, documentation, and training materials. Plone continues to evolve, particularly with its REST API and modern JavaScript front ends built using frameworks such as React.

See Plone's comprehensive feature list...


Plone's security is baked in, not an afterthought, and is safeguarded by an active security team.

Plone starts by using a secure stack, built using Python and including the ZODB, an object database that is impervious to SQL attacks.

Plone comes with core protections from XSS, permissions bypassesunsanitized inputs, and other exploits that afflict other web software. Those core protections even extend to cover add-ons!

Find out more about Plone's security...

Next Steps

  • Try one of our demo sites
  • Try your own Plone site on Heroku! (username admin / password admin)
  • Learn more about Plone's features
  • Schedule a demo with any Plone service providers