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Jazkarta creates websites and web applications with open source software
Jazkarta creates websites and web applications with open source software
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Jazkarta creates websites and web applications with open source software. We are Python experts with a specialty in Plone consulting, support, and training. Jazkarta's projects have included e-commerce, integration, optimizing search interfaces, media and GIS integration, data migrations, and repeatable, scalable deployments. Our experience, expertise, and agility allows us to efficiently deliver high value while minimizing risk.

Jazkarta has been delivering successful Plone-based solutions since 2004. Many of our clients are non-profits and educational institutions, and we pride ourselves on being able to understand their needs and translate them into an effective Plone deployment. We work with our clients as collaborators, high level consultants and developers, and we treat them as partners working on the same team. 

We focus on having the best people available to work on our projects, regardless of location. Our developers include some of the leading engineers in the Plone community - members of the Plone Foundation, Board, and Framework Team with many combined years of experience architecting, developing, theming, troubleshooting, tuning, and optimizing Plone sites. Rather than settling for local talent, Jazkarta makes the best people available to you in an efficient and cost effective way.

What we offer

  • Enterprise Websites - Create a Plone site that will support many pages and many editors, with dynamic features customized for your organization's members and needs
  • Salesforce Integration - Use Plone in conjunction with, the leading CRM.
  • OpsWorks Deployments - Take advantage of Amazon's metered pricing on a repeatable, scalable deployment.
  • Professional Training - Get your developers ready to make use of the full power of Plone.
  • Support - Ensure that your production sites run as smoothly as possible, with expert troubleshooting, bug fixes, tweaks, and enhancements.

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