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Abstract Technology Agency

We design and customize tools for web content management.

Abstract-Technology is a technology agency. We design and customize tools for web content management. We help web agencies, institutions and organizations with their online business, by selecting, designing and customizing Free Open Source software like Plone CMS. We offer a full service in Plone consulting, providing custom software, database development, process re-engineering and web design.

Headquartered in Rome, Italy, with offices in Germany (Berlin) and France, Abstract Technology serves clients across Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain and the United States (USA).

Why a technology agency? Web projects today are made up of many elements such as creativity, strategy and business objectives, which require specific skills. These elements need to relate with both the limits and the potential of the technology. Our job is to simplify this relationship. 

Our work: We select and design software that helps you create and manage your web content such as articles, video or data sheets – resulting in a product that allows you to create a point of contact with your online audience.

First of all, people. We are bound by our aptitude for innovation and for fun in what we do. This allows us to trust in each other and in the work we do. We stay up late together glued to a screen and we go out together to let off steam.

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