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Plone for Non-Profits

Plone is the ideal web platform for non-profits, with its ease of use, security, and configurability by non-programmers.

Adapts to your policies


Each organisation is different. Maybe you work with volunteer editors, interns or junior staff. You want them to create content, but need a senior staff member to double-check, and Legal to have a final look. Or you have local chapters, who can maintain their own part of your site but should stick to the overall guidelines and layout.

Whatever your way of working, Plone’s robust and mature system of roles, permissions and workflows has you covered.

In for the long haul

Your content is relevant, now and in the future. Then again, change is also inevitable. With Plone, when you decide to move content around because your campaign names are changing, or you restructure your organisation to adapt to new challenges, it is no problem. Links are automatically updated, and links from the outside world to your site will still work when you rename whole sections.

Protects your reputation


Plone has an excellent security track record. While no software can give 100% guarantees, there is a reason why security-conscious organisations across the world trust Plone – and that it regularly gets top marks in comparative studies on web management software.

Of course, keeping your installation up-to-date is required, but with consistently much less effort than for competing systems. 

Connects to the world

Plone comes with well-tested add-ons that connect you to the tools you use: from Google Analytics to MailChimp to social media to Salesforce, you will find tried and tested solutions. Host videos, obtain donations, sell promotional items, share tweets and Facebook timelines, encourage sharing of your blog posts and campaigns: the truly open-source nature of the Plone community means that these tools, often commissioned by other nonprofits, are free to use for everybody. 

Innovate without disruption

New challenges arise for your web presence regularly. Some come from within, like a new house style or visual identity. Others follow outside trends, like the rise of mobile devices, new SEO standards, or the need to deliver content across services and devices.


With Plone’s rigorous separation of content and presentation, and the availability of modern API interfaces, you are ready for future developments while still maintaining stability and security, safeguarding the efforts and investments you have made in your content.

Ready to use out of the box

Plone includes a powerful workflow system for multi-step approvals, search indexing of documents, and a robust framework for collaborating with individuals and groups. Industrial strength content management features make it possible to grow your site without limits, whether as a document portal or intranet/extranet or just a reflection of your multi-faceted organization. 

Help is always available

Plone's worldwide community includes support, both paid and free of charge. Service and hosting providers are ready to help you with a full range of services.

Some great examples of non-profit Plone websites: