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Eau de Web

a Romanian software company specialised in Web development
a Romanian software company specialised in Web development
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Location Europe, Romania

Established in 2006, Eau de Web ( is a Romanian company specialized in web design and development, digital content publishing and semantic technologies. Benefitting from an extended, consistent past working experience gathered in the development projects for European public administration, Eau de Web's core managerial staff founded the company and built a team that gathered so far an experience of more than 10 years in developing modern web applications for many European and international institutions.

Our company's constantly growing team is currently counting 35 IT experts working in the Bucharest and Oradea offices, but we also collaborate with project-based IT consultants that bring specialised expertise or provide additional resources when flexibility is needed.

The management's policy towards professional careers is to create and maintain a highly collaborative work environment which encourages the employees to constantly research and adopt the best modern tools and technologies, by means of:

  • Encouraging individual contributions to open-source projects and civic initiatives
  • Sponsoring active participation in relevant national and international conferences, events, workshops and training courses (Drupal, Python, Semantic Web, Web design and usability, Plone, Zope, Django, Project Management)
  • Supporting long-term education plans and career development
  • Providing access to an extensive IT library
  • Organizing monthly Tech Talks (internal sessions for knowledge sharing and presentation of tools and specialised information and methodologies)
  • Providing modern and high performance hardware infrastructure

The main focus of our company is to offer high quality services covering:

  • Software development and system integration
  • Web design and User Experience consultancy
  • IT consultancy services
  • Project management and Agile methodologies implementation
  • Technical and Helpdesk support
  • Training services for partners and end users
  • Web hosting

Eau de Web's know-how and solutions are the result of an extensive international software development experience, comprising technological platforms tested in public administration environments in more than 40 countries, used by over 20 institutions and by millions of citizens.

Eau de Web's manifesto: the drivers of our activities are the open source culture and the use of open standards due to the benefits of code reuse, openness in participating in projects worldwide, peer review and contributions from a wide community of developers.

The management board of Eau de Web set the following strategic goals for the company's future development:

  • Deliver high quality services to all our customers
  • Keep on providing valuable contributions to the open-source community, support and promote open-source principles and values
  • Promote innovation and encourage research
  • Maintain the enthusiasm and passion towards software development among the team
  • Apply up-to-date semantic web standards and technologies into our solutions
  • Support the digitalization and transparency initiatives in the public administration
  • Sustain an environment-friendly work place for the team



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