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Wildcard Corp.

Wildcard deploys and hosts Plone and other Python-based systems in high security and government environments

Wildcard deploys and hosts Plone systems for clients and for our own internal use. Wildcard has a well-known track record for providing websites and technology solutions for clients, including some of the most secure federal government sites. If you have a need for a CMS like Plone or other web application, Wildcard is your technology partner of choice.

Wildcard Corp. is a Wisconsin-based business foreign registered S corporation, and originally incorporated in the state of Virginia in 2007. Over the years, Wildcard Corp. has grown to be a respected company providing high quality, yet cost effective solutions to its clients. As a part of maximizing a clients budget, Wildcard has a history of integrating open source frameworks and technologies in nearly all of its solutions.

The team at Wildcard consists of experts in several IT disciplines. This diversification has allowed Wildcard to provide solutions to many complex IT problems. Additionally, in carefully building the staff at Wildcard, the company has chosen to not affix itself to a single geographic location. Instead, many of the companies employees work remotely which allows Wildcard to hire from not just the best staff in one region, but the best available in the country.

With the diverse skill set possessed by the team at Wildcard, the company’s offerings of IT services are equally impressive. While many of Wildcard’s clients sign up to enjoy a feature rich complete managed web-hosting service, the company’s portfolio of expertise also includes:

Plone CMS Hosting and Customization

Disaster Recovery

Offsite Encrypted Backups

IT and Web Security

Cloud Solutions


Custom Web Applications

Email delivery systems

Mobile Applications

Big Data Management

Security and Technology Consulting

We have deployed:

  • social media integration allowing workflow publishing of tweets, recording public data per federal mandates
  • email subscription systems sending million messages daily
  • websites supporting millions of hits daily, guarding against DDOS
  • custom Web Application Platforms

We look forward to becoming your technology partner.

At Wildcard we don't focus on the problems, we focus on the solutions.

Disclaimer: While the Plone Foundation performs a rudimentary background check on the content contributed to this site to make sure it is legitimate, it does not constitute any kind of endorsement nor responsibility for its accuracy. Use sound judgment when engaging in any business transaction, as you would anywhere else.