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Consulting, Development, Customization and Support for CMS, Portal, DMS and Workflow Solutions based on Zope and Plone.

Services and projects by people who live and breathe open source web technology

Consulting, Development, Customization and Support for CMS, Portal, DMS and Workflow Solutions based on Zope and Plone. Emphasis is placed on the requirements of large distributed organisations.

Open Source
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Location Europe, Germany

Open Source is a central topic in the IT business today. We build Open Source Software, because we believe in the concept. With Open Source Software (OSS) the source code as opposed to proprietary software is made available and can be changed. An open (and therefore normally larger) group of developers work on the software. Improvements are constantly published in the newest (developer) version. Because of the licence model there is no revenue from licensing or the selling of OSS-software. Business models mainly base on consulting services, implementation, integration and maintenance.


Assessment Services

Our assessment services are designed to provide customers with preliminary consulting services on their existing technical infrastructure with regards to their business processes and goals.

The next level would be to make recommendations on integration of Open Source solutions into the existing framework. This initial assessment allows the parties involved to get a clear insight on requirements and solutions respectively, which clearly is the foundation for a successful implementation of the given solution.

Implementation and Integration

Our Implementation and Integration services assist in initial deployment, with a broad range of test and quality assurance measures. One of the main service offerings within the integration phase is migration of existing contents. During implementation process, any customisation requirements that were deemed necessary during the assessment phase can be undertaken.


We offer dedicated solutions, unique to each company´s business practices and processes. Customisation may involve development of extra modules, deletion of some existing features from the standard solution, compatibility extension to additional tools and technologies and so on. Benefit from the flexible nature of Open Source.

Disclaimer: While the Plone Foundation performs a rudimentary background check on the content contributed to this site to make sure it is legitimate, it does not constitute any kind of endorsement nor responsibility for its accuracy. Use sound judgment when engaging in any business transaction, as you would anywhere else.