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Custom social intranet, extranet and community solutions.
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Location Europe, Netherlands

Cosent provides knowledge sharing solutions that support network weaving, organizational learning, innovation and collaboration.

Social Intranet: work smarter, share knowledge and be more productive.

Customer Community: engage customers with your brand, and with each other.

Social Extranet: ignite an open innovation dynamic across your partner network.

Collaborate: cut through the noise and confusion of ad-hoc decision making. A social communication platform enables transparent collaboration.

Share Knowledge: stop re-inventing the wheel. Connect experts and expertise across organizational silos, and boost innovation.

Perform: go beyond overflowing email inboxes and cluttered document folders. Get real work done with an integrated digital workplace.

Innovate: connect experts and expertise across organizational boundaries, within a secure sharing environment.

Work Smarter: explore how you can benefit from better collaboration and knowledge sharing.


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