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Contextual Corporation

a provider of content management systems consulting, integration, and custom development services

Contextual Corporation is a provider of content management systems consulting, integration, and custom development services, based in the Chicago area. We focus on Plone-based CMS solutions for our list of clients, which is made up of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, NGOs, and professional associations, large and small.

Contextual provides content management consulting services ranging from assessment and evaluation of CMS tools and strategies for migrating and centralizing the content management process, to the actual implementation of CMS technologies.

Contextual is proud to be a promoter of Plone-based solutions, having worked with Plone since before the 1.0 release. Since Plone provides so much functionality out-of-the-box, our engagements typically focus on integration with legacy relational databases and other enterprise systems, development of custom features and workflows, as well as site design.

We bring a pragmatic Midwestern approach to our engagements, from pricing to methodology and architecture, and have many satisfied clients ranging from Fortune 500 corporations and large government agencies to non-profit environmental organizations and professional associations.

Our firm applies the proper strategy and implementation to the specific client needs, empowering clients to really manage their content effectively and efficiently. Through this superior management of content, and the ability to apply the proper context to content, we believe content is given its fullest meaning and power. This is why we call ourselves... Contextual.


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