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Makina Corpus

Makina Corpus designs, develops, integrates and maintains cutting edge Open Source solutions dedicated to content management systems (CMS), geographic information systems (GIS) and mobile applications. Makina Corpus has acquired a unique expertise in designing and implementing ergonomic Plone solutions.

Founded in 2001 Makina Corpus is an international technology, consulting, and service company which provides agile Open Source solutions. Its main purpose is to help customers make the most of Open Source technologies and benefits. Makina Corpus is the french leader for Plone developments. Moreover, several developers from Makina Corpus are Core-committers Plone.

Makina Corpus web, webmapping and mobile solutions are specifically tailored to the clients' needs. They feature scalability, robustness and seamlessly integrate into existing information systems and infrastructures whether Open Source solutions have previously been deployed or not, whether a combination of proprietary and Open Source solutions is required or not.

Makina Corpus organisation is also based on sustainable development values. The respect for individuals and nature encourages them to take action in environment, social responsibility or social economy areas.

Headquartered in Toulouse (France), the company has offices in Nantes, Paris and Brussels (Belgium).

Services and Consulting (CMS, Mobile, Front-end development, GIS):

  • Design and development of ergonomics, UX and collaborative websites.
  • Modern mobile solutions hybrid or native, available on iOS and Android.
  • Third-party application maintenance : integrating, supporting and maintening IT solutions.
  • Web-based or client/server geographic information systems, integration your information system and interface with your existing infrastructure.
  • Assistance in the strategic process and in the analysis of your needs.
  • Assistance in your project definition and management.

More information:

  • Collaborative tools (email, calendar, electronic content management, knowledge management...).
  • Onsite training to our solutions and to the Open Source technologies we use.



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